Still Life
<p class="field">Frozen by winter's hunger,<br> kissed by an icy breath,<br> a memory of love,<br> that shall not pass at death.<br> <br> A nod towards Bob Carlos Clarke in this single rose frozen in the snow.<br> <br> Limited edition of 15.</p><p class="field"><strong>Ref:</strong> cp00001</p><p class="field"><strong>Photographer:</strong> cliickinhistory</p><form id="paymentForm" style="margin:0px;border:0px;" name="paymentForm"><input type="hidden" name="site" value="GATEWAY"><input type="hidden" name="item_number" value="6061243"><input type="hidden" name="item_type" value="photo"><input type="hidden" name="quantity" value="1"><p>Buy this print online:</p><select class="paymentlink" name="item_option"><option value="9437" data-amount="360.00" data-option="20 x 16">20 x 16 - &pound;360.00</option></select><div><input value="Add to cart" id="paymentAddButton" class="button" type="Button"><input value="View cart" id="paymentViewButton" class="button" type="Button" onclick="javascript:window.location='cart.html'"></div></form><div class="clearing">&nbsp;</div><div id="confirmContainer"><div id="paymentConfirm">Item added to cart</div></div>
Still Life

Frozen by winter's hunger,
kissed by an icy breath,
a memory of love,
that shall not pass at death.

A nod towards Bob Carlos Clarke in this single rose frozen in the snow.

Limited edition of 15.

Ref: cp00001

Photographer: cliickinhistory

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